Parkland Writing Circle

Joined the Farmington Public Library’s Parkland Writing Circle three weeks ago and I am really enjoying it. Have a hell of a time hearing anyone there, probably because of the acoustics in the rooms we meet. They are designed to keep noise down and my hearing being what it is, even with new hearing aids, I have to struggle.

Meetings are Wednesday evenings at 1800. Perfect for me. Mary went to the first meeting with me but that is also her church meeting night and she feels more obligated to be there so I go it alone.

We had a critique night this past Wednesday and were supposed to bring copies of our work to distribute for others to critique but I didn’t know about it so didn’t have anything to share. I’ve got one already typed up for next critique night and working on a couple others so I will have a choice of work. I look forward to see what complete strangers think of my writing.

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