February 21st, 2018

1957 hours

Me and Buster drove to Tennessee yesterday and stayed at Leslie’s. Got up this morning and went to Murfreesboro for my 1000 appointment to talk to Lori. It was my intention to try to talk some sense into her in hopes of making arrangements for her future but I failed miserably.

Left the jail and stopped by Barnes and Noble and bought Best Short Stories of 2016 and the latest Ellery Queen and Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazines. Also, picked up Chris Orwig’s latest photography book, The Creative Fight. Then to IHOP for a club sandwich with fries and back to Leslie’s to wait for Alyssa to get home.

Took Alyssa to the Dollar Store, then met Leslie at Legends for supper. Now back at the house and getting ready to take my shower and prepare myself to go to court in Murfreesboro tomorrow to see what Lori’s future is going to be.

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