February 16th, 2018

1936 hours

Had my visit with Lori, yesterday morning, and came away very depressed. Lori is in a great move, thinks going to jail has been a great thing. Reason is, as usual, everything is someone else’s fault. She’s not there because she done anything wrong, but because of others. I kept my mouth shut and let her talk while I felt more and more depressed.
Lori did ask about Granny, if she had died. I told her she had. A few minutes later, she wanted to know if Granny had left her any money. Again, I told her she hadn’t, that Granny hadn’t left any to her grandchildren. To my answers to both questions, she responded with an “Oh”, like if didn’t make any difference.
I put $100,00 in her commissary account and she informed me that I’d better get ready to put more in as she had a lot of things she wanted. I reminded her that funds were limited but she ignored that part. She called me on the phone today so I went on line to start an account for her for phone calls and put $20.00 in it. It’s supposed to cost her 50 cents per call so that should do her for a while. I set it up so she can call anyone she wants so we’ll see how long it lasts.
I was going to stay in Tennessee until Saturday but didn’t really feel up to visiting anyone so me and Buster drove on home and got here about 2000. Mike called me when I was between Sikeston and Cape Girardeau and I had to type up a letter for him to his loan company as executor of mother’s estate and get it emailed to him. 

Troy, one of Donnie Ayre’s employees, came over today and dug out our driveway at the trailer and places for the carport and garage and filled them in with gravel. Two layers, one 2” stuff, then spread fines on top. He’ll be back Monday if it doesn’t rain to pour the cement pads. Then I can order my carport and garage.

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