February 12, 2018


Started the morning with a weigh-in and came in at 192 pounds, the same as last week. Lost nothing but didn’t gain either. Three days on a trip to Tennessee brought back bad eating habits.

Took the air machine we rented for Mary for this past weekend back, went by State Farm and picked up my check, dropped a misaddressed letter off at the post office, made a deposit at the bank, dropped Granny’s will, Ameren Stock Certificate, and letter from Ameren off at Ed Pultz’s after calling him this morning and retaining him, then stopped at KFC for lunch.

The Improved Cylinder Choke for my Remington 870 20 gauge came in today so I took the time to install it.

Once I got home, I cleaned out the Ford Taurus and got it ready for the trip to Tennessee this week. Took Mary’s shirts down to her, then followed her over to Plaza to drop off her minivan and took her to Colton’s Steak House for supper. I enjoyed the Mesquite Chicken, a baked sweet potato, and a glass of the Gnarly Head Pinot Noir.

Back home for the evening, I put on a pot of beans that I had soaking since this morning, added some onions and ham, and hope it will be done before bedtime.

Got the car packed for my trip, everything I might need and a few things I couldn’t possibly. I worry about someone breaking in and stealing or destroying things so try to keep the most important with me, not that there is a guarantee in that.

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