First Post of 2017

It’s January 5th and I’m writing my first post of the New Year. Been sick with the flu since last Thursday, December 29th, and yesterday was the first day I’ve felt human since then.

Going to be a busy day today. Wrapping up all of my old notebooks and journals, some barely started and some nearly full, and putting them in storage where my kids can burn them some day. Doing the same with last two years business records, ours and Granny’s, after I pull out everything we’ll need to file our taxes.

Going to start my journals fresh with two notebooks; a 5” x 8” moleskin in my camera bag and an 8 1/2” x 11” spiral notebook in my computer bag. Keep a Jim Firkus 8 1/2” x 11” spiral notebook on my desk to keep a record of things I do at my desk, eg, changing passwords on accounts or registering at new websites, running SyncToy or TouchCopy, appointments for autos or the dog groomer, all the stuff I tend to forget.

This afternoon, if the roads stay clear, I have to drive my motorhome over to Bruce Griffon’s to fill my LP tank. Checked yesterday and it was under 1/4 tank so with the weather dropping down to almost single digits the next few nights and low twenties during the days, I need to top it off. It’s used a full tank in two weeks so I’ll have to set the thermostat as low as it will go and let the electric heater take up the slack. That should keep it warm enough to keep anything from freezing.

Took Buster out this morning for his first run in the snow. Didn’t do much running. He immediately discovered it was good to eat and that’s what he spent his time doing. There’s only about an inch on the ground so not really enough for him to play in. At least he wasn’t scared of it.

Going over to see Granny at NHC (the nursing home) this afternoon. Taking her some chocolate ice cream and maybe a pizza and french fries, things she loves. If Mary goes over to Tammy’s like she usually does on Thursdays, I’ll go early and sit with Granny while I work on a new short story about a man that runs away from a nursing home and takes his friend with him. Have to take my X230 with me to work on that or may try using my iPad mini with the bluetooth keyboard.

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