My Buddies

On August 3rd, 2016, my companion of the past 12 years passed away. Giz was a good little dog, a smart dog, and we loved him very much. On August 4th, 2016, Buster was born. Eight weeks later we picked him up and brought him home. Buster is not a replacement for Giz, but an addition.

This was Giz last May, making a final inspection of his domain. He had about the sweetest disposition I’ve ever seen in a dog. He never whined, never complained, and no matter how the grandchildren mistreated him, never once offered to snap at them or injure them in any way – not even to escape their clutches.


This little monster is Buster, all sharp puppy teeth and pure energy. He is a sweet little guy but stays in trouble constantly for biting and chewing on anything he can reach. He is a puppy with an attitude.


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