Nothing to Write About…

I have now plagiarized someone for the first time in my life. That heading was on an aspiring writer’s post in a writing forum I occasionally frequent (occasionally frequent – now that’s an interesting combination). The heading caught my attention as it is a thought I often have when sitting down to write.

I would think that at 69 years plus I would be bursting with ideas for a story, a novel, a memoir, essay, anecdote, anything! But it doesn’t work that way. Sometimes I think I’ve written these stories so many times in my head that they’re old and boring and I can’t see them being anything but the same to a reader. Common sense tells me that ain’t so but in reality, it is a problem.

I’m going to make an attempt to get past this, probably using some of the advice given by the people on the writing forum where this appeared and it would only be fair if I shared it here in case some of you suffer the same malady. Here goes:

  • just write
  • write about nothing and try to make it interesting
  • look around for things to write about
  • write a description of the room you’re sitting in
  • write a rebuttal to a political speech
  • turn off the tv, the phone, and the computer. Then write.

Now to turn off my computer and start with my journal. I think I’ll begin by describing my room but I can’t post it on here because if I’m honest about it and the producers of The Hoarders see it, they’ll be sending social services my way.

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