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February 10th, 2018

0801 at Leslie’s in Tennessee

Got Granny’s bedroom set loaded on the trailer with no help but sure had a hell of a time getting it down here. I loaded it the best I could by myself but it was too heavy to move around to best position so I did the best that I could and that wasn’t very good. I did get it here with only the cost of a couple of scratches, a bent bolt in the headboard, and worst a broken piece on the headboard that can be repaired. Lance showed up about 0930 and I helped him, Megan, and Leslie unload it and set it up in Leslie’s bedroom. It fit good and looks real good in there. Also, slept good. Mary and I slept in there last night.
We left Farmington at 0800 yesterday, stopped at the Subway there for a breakfast sandwich that we ate on the way, then stopped at Cracker Barrel in Cadiz, Kentucky for an early supper. Due to light, steadily moving traffic in Nashville, we were still able to get to Leslie’s by 1645.
Buster is enjoying his trip and has done really good but by the time we had been at Leslie’s for an hour and no one home there but us, he was leading me to the truck and trying to get in. He wanted to go where there were people! Once Leslie and Alyssa showed up, he was just fine.
I’m sitting here this morning making coffee and filling my thermoses and listening to Leslie’s wake-up alarm go off. It started about thirty minutes ago and is still going though I believe she is hitting the drowse on it occasionally. Leslie was still up when I got up this morning at 0655. I don’t know whether she had been to bed at all but she sure was bright eyed and bushy tailed for that early.
We’re going to Lana’s for the twins birthday party today. Supposed to be there at 1300 according to Leslie. Mary thought it was 1400. Either way, we’ll probably be late.
I have to talk to Megan after while, get some information on where Lori is being held and what I have to do to see her. I have to know how she is doing and how she is feeling and see if there is any chance I can reach her, if I can be of any help to her at all. I’m going back to Missouri tomorrow but coming back this week in the car and staying until I get to see my daughter.
I have to get my valuables moved out of the house this week, probably into a temporary rented storage shed. Will check and see if I can find one with some climate control that is affordable.

February 8th, 2018


Slept good last night, only up once to pee and right back to sleep. Didn’t get up until 0630.
Going to try to load Granny’s bedroom set this morning using the two wheeler. It’s pretty heavy so I’m not sure if I can do it by myself but I’ll be damned if I ask anyone who doesn’t stop by to see me and didn’t visit Granny in NHC for help. I don’t intend to owe them a damn thing.
If I get it loaded, I’m headed for Tennessee with it. Lori is supposed to go before the judge today and I want to see her as soon as possible. Megan has a friend who is a detective in Murfreesboro who is getting us info and keeping us up to date and providing advice so he is a godsend.
Leslie is really down about Lori. It’s not her fault, she has bent over backwards, went way beyond what anyone else would have tolerated, for Lori but some people just won’t let you help them. I don’t know whether medication would help Lori or not but the one time she was on it, she done really well. She just wouldn’t stay on it. When I talked to her a while back about seeing a doctor and getting back on her medicine, she swore that it wasn’t her on it, that Leslie was the one on medication.
Time to take my medicine and get my day started. A  lot to do and no one to help. No sweat. I’ve got Buster to keep me company and he does a great job of that.

February 7th, 2018


Went to the post office today and mailed the request for distribution of funds from Invesco by two day guaranteed delivery.
Stopped by Rural King and bought a Remington 870 20 gauge shotgun, Serial Number CC48877D. It has a 28” vent rib smooth bore barrel, front bead sight, with a Modified RemChoke and walnut stock. Went on line to Midway USA and bought a 21” smooth bore barrel with vent rib and bead front sight with RemChoke, and on Amazon bought a Improved Cylinder RemChoke and cleaning kit. Once I get a side saddle from SOE, the 20 Gauge will be complete. Now to find the barrel I want for my 12 Gauge and a heavier extractor like the one in the Wingmaster. 

Took Buster this morning for an 1100 appointment at Wag’n’Tails and picked him up about an hour ago. Stopped by for him to visit with Mary, then on home.

February 6th, 2018

Up early this morning, coffee ready, Buster already been out, clothes drying in the dryer. Too early for breakfast and I’m going for a walk on the treadmill before I’m ready to eat anyway.
Donnie Ayres was supposed to have his crew out this morning to put in my driveway at the trailer and cement slabs for the carport and motorhome but when I called him last night with the dimensions of the cement slab for the motor home, he told me his crews truck was down and he wasn’t sure when he could get it out here, probably later this week. I let him know we were going to Tennessee Friday so we put it off until the first of next week.
There were some tree limbs that needed to be hacked off so I went to Family Center and bought a Stihl Pruner and it worked real good, once I turned the chain around and put it on the way it was supposed to be. Can’t believe they had put it on backwards. It’s an easy pull start on it but it sure takes a lot of pulls before it does start. I’m not sure it should take that many but I’m going to read the book before I take it back to the store.
Going back to Family Center today to purchase an extra blade and the right size sharpening kit for it. This pruner is going to make cutting down cedar trees so much nicer; prune the bottom limbs and then it will be easy to get to the trunk to take the whole tree down. I wonder if I have any cedar on this place that is marketable. I’ve sure got enough of it and the same goes for rock. Maybe I can put a pile of cedar posts in the front yard and a stack of rock next to it and see what happens.
What I really want to do is start at the front, right behind the trailer, and work my way to the back, hacking out the brush and junk trees, bushhogging, and planting grass. Work both sides of the creek. Need a dump trailer I can pull behind the tractor and a wood chipper to make little chips out of junk trees. Also, will have to put a culvert in or build a bridge across the creek, probably a bridge as I don’t want to back up the water when we have a heavy rainfall.

Went to the Recorder of Deeds office in the courthouse yesterday to record our deeds for the properties but was told it was unnecessary, that the beneficiary deeds we hold are already recorded. At the Assessors office, I had Granny’s account for the first eighteen days of January put on my bill for 2018 property taxes and called Joe and Mike and told them this.

February 3rd, 2018


Good morning so far. Made a pot of coffee, put the pinto beans I’d been soaking on to cook, the got on the treadmill for sixty minutes (2.71 miles) and did fifteen minutes of weights with ten pound dumbbells. Dr Doshi said start with twenty to thirty pounds  and since I didn’t have two fifteen pounders, I had to go with two tens. May drive down to Walmart this afternoon and pick up a pair of fifteens since I have twenties and twenty-fives plus a pair of thirty-sixes.
Finished my workout, then fixed an omelette with onions, spinach, smoked ham, and pepperjack cheese. Me and Buster are getting ready to share a banana.