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Sitting and Thinking

On-line Jobs

I’ve been on line this morning looking for one of those “work at home” jobs everyone advertises for senior citizens, retired people, and the disabled. It appears that these jobs are aimed at people with specialized knowledge and experience in a certain field. Just because you have a computer and know how to use it doesn’t qualify you for anything. I’m one of those computer literate people with knowledge and abilities in a lot of fields but I’m not an expert in any. So far, I haven’t found a niche for me.

Storage Shed

This morning I stopped and looked at some portable storage sheds with the idea of buying one to keep all of Mary’s keepsakes in. They have a twelve by thirty footer with windows that looks pretty good for $5,980.00 plus taxes that would take all of our stuff and it’s probably a good deal but I might be better off buying two smaller sheds, one for her things and one for mine. I’ll let her go down this afternoon and look and decide for us.


Took the carburetor off of my Harley to a mechanic in Park Hills to rebuild. When I get it back, I’ll put it back on the FLTC and see if that’s all it needs to get it running. Also, replacing brake and accelerator lines.


I ordered a truck/trailer mounting bracket to install in my pickup so I can haul my BMW to Bloodworth’s in Nashville to get it fixed. It starts but it won’t keep running and getting worse every time I start it. Been reading about this problem online and am going to check all of my connections and grounds first but don’t believe that is the problem.


That’s all that is on my mind so far today. Time to make a pot of coffee, wake Mary up, and check on the dog so best get busy.

Did It Again

This morning, in a little over an hour and a half, I have written from creation to completion, the first draft of another story. This time 1,300 words. Again, this one is not for publication. Just for my education. The next one will be to show for critique.

I am looking forward to seeing what I am able to do or see if this is just another one of those fool notions I seem to get more and more of as I get older.


A Short Story

Yesterday, May 6th, 2016, I wrote the first short story I have written to completion (of the first draft) in over 12 years. Took two and a half hours and was right at twenty five hundred words. Conception, creation, and completion are all included in that time period. I’ll probably need another four to six hours to rewrite it and clean it up but it isn’t too far off now.

It’s been a dream of mine for a long time to be a published writer but while I wrote a lot, I either didn’t complete the job or quit after the first draft. I hope I can break those habits and finish something now, if only to prove to myself that I can. The story I just finished is probably not going to be publishable because I wrote it and will rewrite it just to see if I could do it. The next one I start will be for real and I will publish it right here whether it goes anywhere else or not.

Just Keeping On

I think I’m going to make this page my home page on the Chrome browser so I can remember it’s here and maybe then I’ll keep it up.

Haven’t got any immediate travel plans since I need six tires for my motor home before I dare traipse out again and they are not cheap. I’ve been googling last night and this morning to figure out the best way to install a siriusxm radio antenna on the fiberglas roof of a motor home and have a couple interesting ideas. Some are saying, and they claim to be doing it, that you don’t need to put it on the roof. Just up against the roof. They claim the satellite signal will come right on through a fiberglass roof without any problem. So I’m going to try it. Beats drilling a hole in the roof and creating another possible leak source.