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Bugs on the Windshield

View from the driver’s seat. Most of these taken with Camera+ on an iPhone mounted on the windshield. Safety was never compromised in the capture of these images. This is a non-commercial, personal-use-only creation, all done by me with the exception of the music by one of my all time favorites, David Allen Coe.

Road Shot

I270 In Illinois

This guy passed me on I 270 in Illinois today. Almost got away but as he exited off to the left, I took a shot out my left window with a 40mm pancake lens on my 5D MkII and got him!

My Favorite Photo for April 2013

20130414_Horse Caravan

Parked on the back row of a truck stop in Indiana. Had to quickly capture this out the right window of my truck, one-handed with my G12, as I was pulling out. Don’t know the story behind it but wish I did. This is not my best photo of April 2013 but it is by far the most interesting. Enjoy!