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Back to the Gym

July 29, 2015, back to the gym for the first time in probably fifteen years. Maybe longer.

Hit it pretty hard, no heavy weights but 12-15 reps each exercise, and only one set. Have to work back into this. Did about forty-five minutes with free weights and twenty-five more on the treadmill. Felt good afterwards, sore today but bearable. Heading back over there in thirty minutes to do a light workout today. Have to keep it going.

It’s Been a Long Time

Just posted a long entry on Facebook that should have been on here.

I’ve been undergoing some medical tests due to a minor problem I had while we were on vacation last month. So far, all have come back okay. Two to go and I’ll know about them Monday. If everything is okay, I’m going back to driving for Beelman. If not, don’t know what I’ll do.

Anyway, I’ve been working on simplifying my life. Sold most of my camera equipment to KEH this week, made arrangements for more of it to go next time I go to Tennessee. My Harley is in the shop with the carburetor off of it. I’m taking it in to have it rebuilt and replacing the throttle cable on it, then it’ll be sold. Getting rid of the clutter.

Going to keep my motorhome and pickup, the BMW M/C, one camera bag and a laptop, a few other odds and ends, and Mary, and get rid of the rest.

Time to get free!

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